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What is TACTICAL DD(R) as a tactical approach to nonfunctional requirements when it comes to Serverless solutions, and how can it compliment your DoR & DoD to ensure your solutions are more scalable, secure, fault tolerant, compliant and more? This article also contains a GitHub repo containing a download for teams to use, and shows how this compliments Serverless Threat Modelling.


When it comes to building out serverless architectures on AWS, one of the main benefits of getting started is how easy it is, and one of the biggest downsides is also how easy it is! Teams can very quickly build out scalable MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) using AWS services likeโ€ฆ

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How and why you should build your Serverless architectures to be event-driven first using Amazon EventBridge for resilience, and some of the pitfalls to think about; including visuals and associated code repo using TypeScript and the Serverless Framework.


This article aims to cover why you should have an event-driven first mindset when building out your Serverless architectures, and why Amazon EventBridge should underpin them. We will also be covering some of the pitfalls that you can hit when working with eventually consistent event-driven systems. โ€ฆ

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How and why you should threat model your Serverless solutions on AWS, with visual examples of a real life walk through.


The new era of Serverless on AWS, and how quickly we can chain services together into complex architectures to meet customer needs, also has the added downside of increasing the overall threat landscape compared to more traditional architectures.

The new era of Serverless on AWS, and how quickly we canโ€ฆ

Lee James Gilmore

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