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Lee James Gilmore
Principal Serverless Engineer | Cloud Architect | Serverless Advocate | Mentor | Blogger | AWS x 4 Certified 🚀
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An index of all of my Serverless content to easily browse in one place, including videos, blog posts and more which will be constantly updated..

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Enterprise Serverless 🚀 (Coming in December 2021)

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A practical example of using AWS S3 Object Lambda to watermark an image with metadata on the fly using Amazon Rekognition, AI, and Machine Learning, including code repo written in TypeScript and the Serverless Framework, and visuals.

Having primarily worked in the serverless space on many large scale enterprise cloud projects since the inception of lambda, it got me thinking:

“What are the hints, tips and lessons learned I could pass onto other software engineers, teams and architects?”

Below is a list of the common pitfalls, lessons…

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Practical example of using CloudWatch Synthetic Canaries to monitor your serverless applications, with visuals and corresponding Lerna monorepo written in TypeScript, AWS CDK and the Serverless Framework.

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An example of generating and hosting your Serverless documentation, such as OpenAPI/Swagger, ADRs and code documentation with TypeDoc.

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Example of using AWS Comprehend to understand the sentiment of your customers content, whilst also redacting PII, with visuals and accompanying code repo written in TypeScript and the Serverless Framework! 🚀

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A practical example of using AWS S3 pre-signed URLs within your serverless solutions along with supporting code samples and diagrams, using the Serverless Framework and TypeScript.

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A practical guide to using Amazon Cognito to authenticate API to API integrations using an OAuth2 Client Credentials Grant flow, with code examples and visuals.


In the Serverless World, there are always situations when developing solutions that two or more APIs need to communicate with each other synchronously.

The gold standard would be totally decoupled domain services using events, but in reality, there are often reasons why you need a machine to machine style communication…

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Practical examples of using Lambda ephemeral temp storage, S3 and EFS as a comparison, utilising the Serverless Framework and TypeScript, with supporting code examples


When working with AWS Lambda there are various storage options available when working with files, but in which scenario should you use each one?

This blog post covers three options, with code examples; and discussions around when to use each, the advantages and disadvantages, and relative speed:

✔️ AWS S3

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Load, smoke, functional and fuzz testing serverless applications using the Serverless Framework and Artillery, with supporting code samples!

Lee James Gilmore

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